Michael Hancock

A bit about me

I'm a software and web developer based in Warwickshire, England. It all started when in school I complained to my teacher about Adobe Photoshop, "it's rubbish" I said. It was then I realised, I didn't really know where computer programs came from. This lead me to write my first program: print("hello world"), ever since I have been hooked.

Software development continues to challenge and engage me and has captured my interest like nothing else.

What I can do

As a software developer, it is the languages which I use, that define how I approach my work. The programming languages listed here are ones that I find myself most comfortable in.

C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Haskell

Highly Responsive Web Design

I'm a self-taught web developer, capable of designing responsive and semantically correct mark-ups. All without the use of bloated CSS frameworks.

Check out the code for this site at GitHub!

Computer Monitor Laptop Tablet Phone

Image Processing

I have developed bespoke computer vision algorithms in OpenCV and MatLab to filter, segment and delineate objects in medical images.


I've always be fascinated by aerospace. More recently it has become something I develop software for. Using physics and geometry, I developed simple command line apps to model aerospace scenarios. For example, I made a interplanetary burn calculator for Kerbal Space Program!

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Hobbyist Development

I spend much of my time working on personal hobbyist projects. This is one of the reasons I took Computer Science at university, I was already spending a lot of time developing software for myself!

I also really enjoy open source development, I have learnt much from community driven development. Most of this is done at GitHub

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I have worked as a university demonstrator, and a volunteer at a code club for under 16's. In both cases teaching object-oriented software development. I find this aspect of my work very enjoyable and rewarding.


I often engage in freelance projects and am always on the lookout for new opportunities! These vary in nature, primarily web development / design. However I also can develop for you: console applications, Windows Forms applications, image processing tools and React Native mobile apps.

I price my time very competitively and will even work pro-bono for the right cause.

Send me a message

So message me if you are looking to start up a project, need my help, or just want to say hi!

Also feel free to request a curriculum vitae or previous examples of my work, I'll be happy to help.

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